Playtech – The Crème de la Crème of Casino Software

By: Ken Johnson / Last Update: 2 Dec 2015

Playtech are a true heavyweight when it comes to casino software products, being the world’s largest publicly traded online gaming and betting software supplier. With over 50 games released each and every year, across a portfolio that includes slots, table and card games, fixed odds games and more, operators and customers alike have a constant flow of new content at their fingertips. This is why there are quite a few Playtech casinos on the Internet, but we are confident in saying that the ones listed below are the best.

The Best Playtech Casinos Available to UK Players

If you want to learn more about Playtech’s software before choosing where to play, then be sure to check out the rest of this article. Here we look at their huge array of titles, everything from slots to live casino gets a through investigation. We look at how Playtech are catering for the modern market by looking at their mobile selection as well as giving you a brief look into their history. We pick out our top 10 games that Playtech produce and sample their live games selection. All in all, we made sure that whatever is the information you’re searching for, you’ll find it in this detailed article.

Playtech’s Casino Software at a Glance

Before we delve into the specifics of Playtech’s games and features, let have a quick overview of the software provider. In the table below you can see the scores that we gave them for the six most important aspects of online casino software and their overall rating.

Playtech Website Playtech Info Score: .
Screenshot of Playtech's Website Updater: yes Graphics and Sound 8
Auto-Play: yes Game Variety 8.5
Fun Mode: yes Game Updates 7
Real Mode: yes Progressives 9
Live Chat: yes Instant Play Version 8
Live Casino: yes Mobile Score 8
See how we rank

Overall – We like Playtech, they have a great selection of slots which are varied and very playable. The live casino selection is fantastic and is next to Evolution Gaming our favourite live casino provider. Blackjack fans will love the unique variations of their favourite game, like Perfect Blackjack, for example. A highly rated software provider.

Top 10 Games from Playtech

As I already mentioned, Playtech’s selection of games is huge and constantly gets even bigger with the regular release of new titles, but which are the most interesting games powered by this software provider? In the slider below you can check out the ten most unique and entertaining titles in Playtech’s collection which were hand-picked by our editorial team after quite a bit of testing and research.

  • 1 – Marvel Roulette
    Playtech's Marvel Roulette

    Love Roulette but like your slot action too? Well thanks to Playtech’s amazing Marvel Roulette you don’t have to choose, you can have both! This is a Playtech exclusive game and combines the best of two worlds. Featuring an incredible four progressive jackpots, Marvel roulette has something for everyone. Gameplay is pretty much the same as normal roulette with the exception of an extra symbol – the ‘Marvel Bonus’. Place a bet on this and if it come in then you get to play a special fruit machine game. If you are lucky enough to get 3 Spiderman symbols on then you get a whopping 100x stake.

  • 2 – Blackjack Surrender
    Blackjack Surrender - Powered by Playtech Software

    This great blackjack variant allows you to surrender your hand, bu chances are you already guessed that! It costs you half of your original bet to surrender your hand which adds a tactical twist to the game of blackjack. Sometimes it’s better to walk away with half than lost it all, but will you take that chance?

  • 3 – Little Britain Slot
    Little Britain Slot by Playtech

    ‘Yeah but no but yeah but no!!!’ – If you are a fan of the hilarious Little Britain TV show then you will love this slot based on one of the UK’s most outrageous and controversial programmes. This beautiful 5 reel slot with 30 pay-lines features all your favourite characters from the show, from ‘Fat Fighter’ Marjorie Dawes to ‘The only gay in the village’ Daffyd Thomas.

  • 4 – Monty Python’s Spamalot
    Playtech's Monty Python Spamalot Slot

    At the risk of showing our age, we admit we are huge Monty Python fans and Playtech bring the very unique Python humour to a brand new generation. Spamalot brings elements of the Monty’s films and TV shows to create a highly amusing and engaging slot. Battle your way past the black knight whilst avoiding cows being thrown by the irate French are just a couple of the excellent bonus rounds. This game has 5 reels and 20 betting lines, features stunning graphics and sounds and when you play remember to ‘always look on the bright side of life’!

  • 5 – Top Trumps Football Legends
    Top Trumps Football Legends - a Playtech Slot

    We couldn’t compile a list of our favourite Playtech games without including this little gem. Ok it may not be as flashy as some of the other offerings but any game that includes legendary players such as Bobby Charlton, Pele, Marco Van Basten and Wayne Rooney has got to be in the mix for our top 10 games. Of course nostalgia plays a big role in our decision here with almost every boy who was around in the 80’s usually getting a top trumps set but Playtech have done a splendid job with this 5-Reel 15-line slot to bring back childhood memories.

  • 6 – The Iron Man 2
    Iron Man II - a Slot by Playtech

    This 50-lines slot is the perfect game for new online gamers, as it has a huge range of stake options ranging from 50p to an astonishing £50,000 per spin. This great slot features key characters from the Iron Man movies such as Robert Downey Jr., as Iron Man, blonde bombshell Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Mickey Rourke as Whiplash to name just a few. The slot features the usual wild features, Scatter features and 10 free games feature with the added attraction of an increasing multiplier. A great fun slot to play with the added attraction of clips from the film.

  • 7 – Live Roulette
    Live Dealer Roulette Powered by Playtech Software

    If you are looking for stunning visuals and that Monte Carlo feel direct into your front room then you need to look no further than Playtech’s amazing live roulette. It’s not just the live roulette either, they have an amazing 12 variations of roulette which is by far the most offered by a software provider.

  • 8 – The Incredible Hulk
    The Incredible Hulk Slot - Presented by Playtech

    For the second time on this page we are going to show our age but ‘The Incredible Hulk’ has always been a huge favourite of ours. It brings back memories of being a child and watching the series on a Saturday night with the family (back then there were only 3 TV channels and one TV in the house). This fantastic 5-reel, 25-line slot features crystal clear graphics and great sound which really builds the atmosphere. As with most Playtech slots, it’s all about the feature rounds. Hulk smash is one of our favourites and it won’t make you green with envy when you win big. Featuring 4 progressive jackpots this is a slot that packs a punch.

  • 9 – Rocky Slot
    Rocky Slot - Powered by Playtech

    Rocky Slot – This 5 reel and 25 pay line slot packs a powerful punch as you take on Rocky Bilboa’s greatest enemies to not only claim the heavyweight title but also a hefty jackpot in the process. The range of stakes goes from a tiny £0.01 to a huge £5 per line making it £1,250 per spin, which makes this an ideal slot for all you high rollers out there. The bonus rounds feature full motion video from the most popular Rocky films and this MGM-licensed product gets the adrenaline flowing without you ever needing to visit the gym!

  • 10 – Jacks or Better
    Jacks or Better Video Poker by Playtech

    Now sometimes flashy graphics and Dolby 7.1 sound is great but I’m betting that if you are like us, occasionally you want to just relax and play something that you know well and something that doesn’t take too much to concentrate on! This is the beauty of Jacks and Kings for us. It’s video poker in its simplest form. If you have never played video poker before, the hand rankings are the same as traditional poker but pairs only count if they are ‘jacks or above’. Although simple, it is presented well and a game we come back to again and again. If you win you have the chance to gamble on the colour of the next card, if you are feeling really lucky you can even hazard a guess at the suite.


Playtech Live Casino Games Overview

Live casinos are a relatively new concept which wouldn’t have been possible or perhaps even imagined 20 years ago. However, technology has moved at such a pace that HD streaming of a live casino with customer interaction is considered a vital component of any online casino. Please note that different operators can change the stake minimum and maximum and the information here is an indication only.

Playtech offer all the classic games that you would expect to see at a casino such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack but they also feature exclusive and innovative new games such as double screen roulette, unlimited blackjack and Casino Hold’em.

  • Roulette
    Live Roulette Powered by Playtech Software

    14 different tables available to play with bet limits £0.50 to £50. You will find the usual roulette tables and also variants like French Roulette. A unique feature if one table is not engaging enough for you is double screen roulette which allows you to play two roulette tables simultaneously. One of the things we really liked about the Playtech tables compared to other operators is that the croupiers are always smiling and make you feel very welcome, there is usually lively chat within the rooms and it feels like you are part of a community.

  • French Roulette
    Playtech's Live Dealer French Roulette

    There are 4 different French Roulette tables to try and if you have never played French Roulette before, it is almost identical to its European cousin. The gameplay and features of French Roulette are the same as the European one and of course, you don’t need to be able to speak or write French to be able to play! If you are a fan of the game you will love Playtech’s French Roulette.

  • Blackjack
    Live Dealer Blackjack by Playtech

    The number of tables available depends on the amount of players as there is space for 6 players at a time. Tables are available with bet limits from £2.50 – £150. There is a magical feel about live blackjack and it feels so much more engaging than say video poker. Being able to see the action and talk (via typing) to the dealer makes the experience as close to the one you get at land-based casinos. The dealers, just like at the roulette tables, are very chatty and their personality shines through.

  • Unlimited Blackjack
    Unlimited Blackjack at Playtech Live Casinos

    Unlimited Blackjack can be played by an unlimited amount of players (hence the name, doesn’t refer to stake) at the same time. Due to this the game rules differ from regular blackjack, for example the game automatically splits certain hands. In the case of a split, you will have the option to split or fold. If you choose to fold, your bet will be returned to you, minus 20%. This is a unique and integrating take on blackjack which we know you’ll love.

  • Live Baccarat
    Live Baccarat at Playtech Casinos

    Live Baccarat is a favourite with high rollers and with stakes from £5 – £5,000 it’s easy to see why! If you have never played baccarat before, it is a comparing card game played between two hands, the ‘player’, the ‘banker’. Each baccarat game has three possible outcomes: The ‘player’ in which the player has the higher score, ‘banker’, in which the banker has the higher score and a ‘tie’. The Baccarat tables allow bet limits of £50 – £3750.

  • Progressive Baccarat
    Progressive Baccarat Powered by Playtech

    Tables with bet limits of £5 – £250. This is a standard game of Baccarat with an additional chance to win a progressive jackpot. At the top of the screen is the progressive jackpot ticker. It shows the jackpot amount that you can win on your current side bet. If you were playing for less than the maximum side bet amount, you get part of the jackpot fund (in the proportion of your side bet to the maximum side bet). The VIP baccarat tables have bet limits of £250 – £5000 and mini baccarat bet limits of £5 – £300.

  • Multigame
    Multigame Mode at Playtech Live Casinos

    For the adrenaline junkies among you, multi-game could be exactly what you are looking for. Why be content with playing just one game when you can simultaneously play 3 different games. For us it was perfect when we were playing mutiplayer blackjack and there are sometimes delays in the action, so while we waited we were also able to take part in roulette and baccarat at the same time. All the action is on one screen so there is no annoying switching of screens so therefore no danger of missing a bet. This is very quickly becoming our favourite live casino game.


Playtech: The future of Mobile gaming

Playtech was one of the pioneers of mobile gaming as you will see in our Playtech history section, later in this article. Their mobile platform was released before the ones of many of their competitors and was in some ways the foundation of their later success.

This early adaptation and vision has meant that Playtech have valuable experience in what works well for the emerging market, the UK are accessing content more and more on mobile devices such as tablets and phones so this approach is exactly what the customers require.

In 2012 Playtech teamed up with mobile experts Mobenga (who they would later own) to develop and deploy ‘The Mobile Hub’. This cross-platform interface allows players to alternate between devices by using the same account. This creates a seamless gaming experience.

The mobile hub is an open framework which vastly reduces development time for Playtech but also makes it very easy for casino operators to customise the look and feel of the games and also add individual branding. As it is built on the industry standard HTML5, this means compatibility with different devices is assured which again saves time and money for the developer but also creates a more seamless experience for the customer who is likely to use more than one device.

Such is Playtech’s commitment to mobile game development, they have a team of over 300 developers working on future products. This investment is good for the company, the customer and the industry in general. They are flexible and forward thinking enough to adapt to changes in customer demand.

Brief History of Playtech and Overview of the Company

If I asked you where this world giant was first founded, Estonia probably wouldn’t be your first choice! However this is where the journey started for Playtech. In 1999 Teddy Sagi had a vision to unite the top software engineers with talented people within the casino industry and as a realisation of his dream, Playtech was born.

History of the Casino Software Provider Playtech
  • In 2001 Playtech obtained its first casino software licence and worked hard to add more and more products to their portfolio which now includes a bingo network, live casino, Ipoker network, Videobet and mobile casino offerings. The software Playtech produced powered the first European land-based casino to have an online casino offering.
  • In 2003 Playtech launched Bingoland which became very successful in its own right but reached dizzy new heights in 2010 when Fusion Bingo was brought into the fold creating a network of over 80 sites. This network houses over 40,000 daily players and at peak times regularly sees 10,00 players online at the same time meaning good prize money to its players.
  • 2004 saw the launch of the Ipoker network, this network is used by many casino and sports book operators as the backbone for their poker selection. It is a white label offering that can be customised to suit the operators’ own branding. This enables a huge pool of players and like the bingo network enables prizes that are better than the ones of the competitors.
  • 2005 was a huge year for Playtech and one that would define the company when in this year they released their mobile platform. Mobile gaming was still in its infancy and this forward thinking would stand the company in good stead for the years ahead. Later in 2012 they would make huge improvements to their mobile platform by releasing ‘The Mobile Hub’.
  • 2006 saw the company being floated on the London Stock Exchange. The same year Playtech’s software was approved for use by the Alderney Gaming Commission.
  • 2007 they saw their customer base increase with 15 high profile new customers and recent acquisitions added to their iPoker network.
  • 2008 was a huge year for Playtech when they signed a licensing agreement with Paramount pictures. The impact on the Playtech brand was huge, as a result of this deal Playtech produced games based on 2 blockbuster films, ‘The Untouchables’ and the massive Oscar winning ‘Gladiator’. In the future they would also license other titles such as ‘Rocky’ and ‘The Pink Panther’.
  • 2009 If the 2008 deal with Paramount wasn’t enough, the next year they signed a deal that perhaps even surpasses the Paramount one by signing up with Marvel. Titles such as Elektra, The X-Men, Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk to name just a few would soon be delighting players and cement Playtech’s reputation as the king of slots!
  • Playtech also teamed up with one of the UK’s biggest and well known bookmakers William Hill, this was a venture that in 2013 would earn Playtech a huge £409 million when William Hill exercised their option to buy Playtech’s interest in the venture.

Playtech are showing continuous growth and have a market cap of £1.6 billion which is double the valuation of when they first listed on the London Stock Exchange. They have over 3,000 people employed in 9 different countries.

They now have licensing deals in place with 20th Century Fox, Marvel, NBC, Universal, Paramount, Platinum Studios, Endemol Gaming, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Top Trumps and many more, so expect to see many more shows and films that you love be given a digital makeover in the future!

Company name: Playtech
Owner information: Public Company LTSE: PTEC
Founded: 1999
Address: Ground Floor St George’s Court Upper Church Street. Douglas. Isle of Man. IM1 1EE
Licence: UK Players are regulated by UK Gambling CommissionPlaytech are members of the Remote Gambling Association (RGA)Playtech are certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)Playtech also holds an official certificate of Prior Approval from the AGCC.
Contact: or
Telephone Number 0207 428 1776

Safety, Security and Honesty at Playtech

At the heart of every casino software is the random number generator (RNG), unlike some companies who use a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) the one that powers Playtech’s software is a true RNG which ensures total game integrity.

To ensure total transparency Playtech is certified by Gaming Labs International (GLI) who are a well respected and internationally recognised testing company. GLI regularly works with regulators, manufactures, suppliers and industry operators to ensure that the products it tests operate in a way that is fair, secure and subject to audit.

With so many projects in development, security and ensuring the coding of their projects is bug-free and safe is a massive task. As Playtech has over 1,000 developers working on projects, to ensure things run smoothly Playtech has implemented an automated code review system from security consultants Checkmarx.

The company needed a tool that was complex enough to enable Playtech to adhere to regulatory requirements and enforce its security policy within hundreds of thousands of lines of code. Playtech developed its own security standard which is an extension of the OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25 standards.

With so much attention to detail, you can be assured that any game you play that is powered by Playtech is safe and totally secure.


Do I need to open an account with Playtech to play their games?

No, Playtech supply their games to casino operators and you cannot sign up with Playtech themselves.

How many casinos use Playtech software?

More than 80 companies use Playtech software and it’s not just casinos either. They have a presence in more than 20 markets including poker, bingo & sports betting.

Do I need to download any software to play?

In the majority of cases the games will run fine in your browser, no matter which device you use. Some games are only available if you download the software but this is becoming more and more rare.

Can I access Playtech games on my mobile?

Absolutely, the vast majority of games will work fine both on Android and iOS devices.